One of our volunteer riders, Candi, recently rode Echo on the last day of the Joel Connor Clinic. Here is what she said about Echo.

Kaya on Echo

One look into Echo’s eyes and you see a sweet mare who is finding her groove once again. In the last month she has been introduced into the horsemanship program by Kaya. In November, Echo participated in the Joel Conner clinic. On the third day of clinic, I was able to ride Echo for the first time. We worked on bending, hindquarters, unified circles and a soft feel. The soft feel means the rider uses their body language to help horse follow them just like they are leading a dance and the horse is following. Along with teaching Echo to move her feet while maintaining a soft feel she is finding comfort. She was calm and relaxed throughout the entire session even with several horses and riders moving around her.

Echo is wonderful mare who wants to connect with her rider. She will benefit with continued training in horsemanship even well after adoption. This will help her not only in the arena but on the trails as well.”