After catching the eye of Brittany at the June Joel Connor clinic, she went home and told her family about this sweet pony. They gave SAFE a call and we talked about where Echo was in her training and the work needed to help her. We all agreed they were capable to helping her reach her full potential. One of the big reasons that allowed us to be comfortable with her leaving so soon after coming back to SAFE is that they understand the training we began and are able to continue to support her to make lasting changes.

Echo traveled the 4 hours to her new home without breaking a sweat. Upon arriving, Brittany told us she was excited to have her home and there was a lot of snuggling at dinner time. Eventually, when her daughter, Addison, took out Echo’s braids she was thrilled to find her thick luscious mane and exclaimed it’s her dream mane! Britney shared how excited she is to see her kid go down this style of horsemanship and thanks to Echo, she will reach a new level. Echo’s story has a happy ending because of Brittany’s wonderful family and we are so happy for this sweet mare.

Brittany’s 8 yr old son is also in love