Echo is adopted! She headed to her home right before Christmas. What a Christmas present! Echo, who is now Princess Zelda, and has a horse best friend Oz along with a young family to play with. The property is beautiful and she has a life full of fun adventures ahead.

Before becoming a Princess and arriving at SAFE, she was living in a bad situation of neglect. Sadly, the other horse she was with was euthanized due to extreme neglect and Echo had a body score of 9 and was put on a diet upon her arrival. Her hooves were so bad the farrier had to come every 2–3 weeks to slowly trim them down over time. Once at a healthy weight and a little confidence through our horsemanship program, she was being shown to potential adopters and it wasn’t long before this wonderful family found her. We are thrilled that this princess has found a loving home with Michelle, Chris, their daughters, Wynne and Sylvia and we can’t wait to see photos of the young family growing up with this fuzzy little bear.