Have you been wondering what to expect from a soundness evaluation? Wonder no more — Edward is here to demonstrate some of the things that may be asked of your horse at a pre-purchase exam or lameness evaluation.

Some good boxes to check before the appointment date include items such as: can you pick up and hold your horse’s feet and manipulate their legs legs for at least 30 seconds? Front and back? How easily can you trot them off from a stand-still? Do they lunge well — walk, trot, lope on a circle? Edward displays competency (if not quite mastery) of these fields, but a little practice ahead of time goes a long way on the day of the actual appointment! Check out Edward’s appointment below:

The result of Edward’s exam did not reveal any glaring hitches in his step. He was not very keen on having his right hind touched and flexed, but after a little more investigation after the exam, it felt like it could have been more behavioral than physiological. Overall, Eddie ‘sounds’ pretty good!