Emmy Emmy has been a rock star for everything I have introduced to her. She’s been doing well with ground work, lunging over trot poles, bathing, spray bottles, wearing a saddle with a girth, and bridling and taking the bit. She is also very well behaved in turnout with other mares and loves Dottie. The only time she has shown me fear or worry has been working alongside the mounting block in preparation for mounting. I’ve been steadily working on desensitizing her to leg and sounds around the saddle and since I’ve started introducing it, she’s gotten better and less afraid.

Emmy is recovering from a cough and snotty nose this week and I hope to have her back to work soon and ready to go out for riding. She had to skip her dental appointment due to the cough so as soon as she is healthy again, we’ll reschedule her float, and then she will be ready to head out to be started with a rider.

Here’s video from Emmy’s trot pole session from last week: