Esme, started under saddle last fall, is coming along very nicely as a riding horse! She is a cute little mover, and is soft on a loose rein, walk trot and canter. She recently had her very first rides in the outdoor arena, and did great, even amongst many would-be distractions. She is beginning to work a bit in the soft feel on two reins — a really exciting development from the horse who two summers ago could barely be caught!

Speaking of being caught, now Esme practically insists on it. When you enter the paddock she currently resides in along with Darla, Tanis, and Tiva, Esme presents herself front and center. Regardless of what your plans were, she thinks that she is the one you should be paying attention to. In her current herd, Esme has established herself as the boss, but she is a kind leader. Yes, she may decide that the hay box you’re eating out of is actually the one she needs to eat from, but you can understand that, right?

Esme is soft and responsive on the ground, and has become a mare who is safe for nearly anyone to handle, brush, and blanket. She can still have her moments of being a bit wriggly, but overall has really matured into a sweet and even tempered girl. Esme is going to make a wonderful horse for an advanced rider looking for a lovely partner, both inside and out.