Esme started her time at SAFE as a curious, yet standoffish mare, spending her days playing chase with Jacob and Edward out on the grass field they shared. She was challenging to catch, requiring a practiced (and patient) touch. And while there are still some days where she enjoys giving you a literal run for your money, Esme’s progress in so many realms has been astronomical.

She has remained a quick witted and quick footed little horse, but these days does much of her thinking and moving under saddle. She is definitely more ‘go’ than ‘whoa,’ which certainly makes her a fun ride for those with more experience who enjoy motoring around. Recently, she went for a ride out on our neighboring trails — her first time ‘off property’ in the (not so) wild woods. She had been for walks around the property before, which is a feat in and of itself, but the loop trail we most commonly use is somewhat of a different animal, filled with ticklish ferns, unknown scents and sounds, and the ever present threat of bikes, dogs, and other horses.

Overall on her first ride out, Esme did very well. She’s a confident leader, not afraid to forge ahead at the front of the pack, even into the unknown. Over bridges and, well, not quite through water, but close enough to hear its rushing, Esme trekked bravely. The undergrowth brushing against her legs did give her a startle at one point, but nothing earth-shattering by any means, and she soon faced (or stepped on, rather) her fears by repeatedly encountering that which tickled until it lost its scare factor.

Esme is still available for adoption to the right person. She still needs a confident partner to help guide her, and one who is not afraid of all the life she brings to the table. But she is brave and willing, and will make some lucky person a really wonderful riding horse!