Everett Herald: Cold is Cruel to Ailing Filly

Cold is cruel to ailing filly
By Debra Smith, Herald Writer
Published Dec 20 2008

MONROE — Jaime Taft is trying to save a horse’s life, and Mother Nature isn’t helping.

The filly — gaunt and covered in sores — was rescued along with two others from a Snohomish field on Orchard Avenue Dec. 7.

The owner, a 27-year-old Snohomish woman, turned over custody of the horses to police. Two remain under police care, but the third, the saddest of the bunch, was sent to Taft. She runs Save a Forgotten Equine, a nonprofit equine rescue organization, at her Monroe farm.Read the full article at Herald.net

photo 1: Kier Wetherell helps support and feed Whisper, a rescued filly, after a group of volunteers helped get the horse back on her feet Friday.

photo 2: Daphne Jones (left), Jaime Taft and Dr. Jennifer Miller discuss a rescued horse named Whisper in Monroe on Friday.

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