Domino arrived at SAFE after living alone for a few years. His happy nickers on his arrival made it clear he was glad to be around other horses. He is a sweet 25-year-old gelding whose future will be that of a companion or perhaps a lead line horse walking on trails. He enjoys human contact, and is quick to approach the fence if he sees staff or volunteers coming to visit him.

Domino has two horse neighbors, Owen and Lacey, who live on either side of him in adjacent paddocks. You can often see Lacey and him hanging out next to each other. Some mornings, Owen is seen with white hair all over him, so we are guessing even Owen gets over-the-fence grooming sessions from Domino.

Each day, Domino gets turned out on grass for 3 hours with his bestie, Mac. Mac always greets Domino at the fence as though they haven’t seen each other for quite some time. Once it’s time to come off grass, Domino likes to call to Mac and also greet the ladies in their paddocks as he passes by. He sure loves his friends and will make a wonderful addition to a lucky family.