I have been riding Finn for about a month now. He is a gentleman for tacking up, he stands for mounting and dismounting, walks off and halts when asked and yields his hindquarters and shoulders from both the leg or guiding reins. He is comfortable at the walk but has some hesitation when asked to trot. We have been working to get him sound and comfortable and we have found that the shoeing package in the fronts has almost completely fixed his front lameness. Just over a week ago however, he became very stiff in his left hind leg. We had Dr Krauter from Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital out to evaluate him and she feels that there is probably some arthritis in his left stifle from the over compensation he had to endure for so long when his front feet were in pain. She would like us to try a loading dose of an intramuscular joint therapy to help reduce inflammation and give him comfort from any joint pain due to arthritis. After a month we will reassess and if needed try him on Previcox to help inflammation and joint discomfort.