Here is what Terry recently had to say about Kayla:

Kayla has been a lovely mare to get to know. She came to us with a great foundation and was ready to get to work right away. Our first goal has been to strengthen her for riding since she had a few months off prior to coming to us. Her balance and strength, especially at the canter, does need some work. She is a forward and sensitive mare, so her ideal adopter should have enough riding experience to help support her while helping her stay connected and finding balance. She needs to develop her topline and comfort, especially in the canter, without a heavy hand or forcing her into a frame. You can see in this video we are restarting her just in a halter so she can find relaxation and comfort without a rider pulling on her. She relaxed very well in this first ride and at the end of the video you can hear her blowing and stretching her neck, feeling that she can comfortably have her head without constriction.

This mare has an absolute TON of try and heart. She is a joy to be around, smart, willing and thoughtful. We are excited to prepare her for adoption and to help her successfully find her forever home.”