Flynn meets Olivia for the first time

When Flynn’s new family first visited Flynn at SAFE, he walked right over to their daughter, Olivia, and nuzzled her. On their second visit, Olivia and Flynn played Simon Says and Red Light, Green Light. She even made up her own colors for turning and trotting. He was so good with her and didn’t mind anything she did while in the saddle. Olivia then brushed him and put him away in his stall all by herself. Our hearts melted and we knew we had found the right home. 

Flynn headed to his new home last month and is doing great. The whole family absolutely adores him and is head over heels in love. He fit in right away, giving bedtime kisses at night just like all their other horses! They told us it feels like he’s been part of the herd forever. 

Flynn also enjoys playing over the fence with their geldingChulo, who boards thereThey share a stall wall and run along the fence line at night playing gelding games. He’s been turned out with another mare, Maxi and shares a fence line with two other mares that he loves socializing with. When Flynn first arrived at SAFE, he was excited to be near other horses. He would call out and look over longingly at the horses in their paddocks. It was hard to keep him alone in a separate stall while his eye was healing. We are happy he is surrounded with horse friends at his new home and can’t wait to hear about Olivia and Flynn’s next adventures.

Enjoying the sunshine at his new home