Hoping to get some updated photos of Delilah today. She’s bagging up and getting close I think. She’s huge and uncomfortable and has lots of edema under her belly and between her front legs. Yesterday she got a little excited and tried to do a little head flip/mini rear and her hind end went out from under her and she fell down…poor girl just has no coordination right now. I’m not technically on foal watch yet, but I have her separated in her own pasture and took her blanket off just in case. I’m going on vacation April 5–11th, so I would really appreciate it if she would either give birth before or after I am gone!

I think we are going to have a baby soon…we have dripping milk! She’s totally quiet now and eating her breakfast but I wouldn’t be surprised if she has the baby in the next 24 hours.

We’re ready! We did a quick job of taking out the wall between my stalls and making her a birthing suite, put down straw, got her tail wrapped, the foal cam set up and working in the tv in my bedroom, and she’s happily eating in there right now and seems quiet.