Sweet Dottie is doing very well at her lovely foster home in Woodinville. She has made a few new friends this spring including 2 minis, 3 alpacas, 4 goats, and a flock of chickens! Her SAFE buddy Piper has recently moved home to Safe Harbor for a bit of training and it took a while for Dottie to adjust to this move. Mini horses Dazzle and Bugsy are her main buddies. When Piper left, it took a while to figure out where everyone should be to keep Dottie calm. She needed to see both minis at all times and if one of them was out of sight, she would call and paw. She is the “herd mommy” and adjusting to one of the minis being in a stall across the hallway of the barn was just not acceptable to her. But things have settled down now and there is a routine that she is comfortable with that keeps everyone happy and allows for separate feeding times. Dottie’s lovely foster family sent us a few photos of her, Piper, and their friends this spring to share. Enjoy!