We love seeing what Trisha is up to with our long eared Gabby girl. Recently, they have been working on the scary spray bottle, which Gabby would not even consider being around, until Tess (Trisha’s other horse) was interested. Gabby quickly got jealous of Tess getting reinforced for wanted behavior and decided she could give it a try. FOMO (fear of missing out) is apparently a big motivator and Trisha is going to consider other creative ways to use it for training.

Cara and Gabby make sure Trisha is doing a good job.

Gabby continues to live a wonderful foster life on a beautiful property, with Trisha, and her best four legged friends, including Cara (formerly Caramel) a SAFE Alum.

Recently Trisha shared a video working with Gabby on leading and had this to say:

We have been working on improving leading skills. Due to her blindness on the left side, turning has been a tricky thing for her to learn, but she’s doing great.

I like to teach leading “on” a lead rope without actually attaching it to a halter. My goal is to create an equine who leads super softly, with just the suggestion of pressure. Like most long ears, Gabby is super strong and naturally braces against applied pressure so I want to be extra thorough with teaching her softness.”