Little miss Piper has grown this summer into such a nice little lady. She spends nearly all of her time living like a wild horse with our herd in the large pasture, but she shows off her manners every time we handle her. Some of her milestones include: standing politely for trims with only the mildest baby shenanigans (it’s pretty boring after all), yielding out of the human’s space during feeding, giving to basic pressure on a halter and leading very respectfully between pastures. She continues to be brave and inquisitive, and she has fully learned her place in the herd. The boss mares rarely see a need to pin their ears at her, although she is showing signs of starting to move the gelding around some, so I think we’ll have another alpha mare on our hands as she continues to mature.

She’s still the “little one” (and I’m sure we’ll always refer to her that way), but I’m not sure she’ll be littler than the Arabian girls much longer!