Rocky_05_25_2016Update from Rocky’s foster mom Kellie:

Just wanted to let you know that Rocky is still doing very good. He is eating most of his meds (7/8th???) and I’m seeing only a few hay “balls” with the orchard grass hay. I think it is softer for him to chew. His weight is good. He is still shedding out, but I am helping with that. 

Jim (Bergevin) just did another set of front shoes with the wedge/lift pad and his feet look good. Jim is not charging us for them… So, big THANK YOU to Jim!! His hind feet are holding up just fine. He tidied them up a bit and that was about all Rocky wanted him to mess with them.

Rocky is getting out 2–3 times a week in pasture, and doing a bit of trotting and cantering around when he is out…Then he attempts to stuff a few grass bits in through the side of his grazing muzzle. 

Here’s hoping he has a good summer!!