Many thanks to Rocky’s foster family for continuing to take such fantastic care of Rocky. Here is their latest update:

Rocky continues to do well. Dr. Colton “peeked” at him for me to make sure his weight was okay. He said it looked pretty good for his breed and his medical condition. Okay for him to lose a few pounds too. So, we are in the ball park. His hind fetlocks seem to be doing okay. He rests his right hind leg a lot, but, he is moving pretty soundly on all four legs. Feet seem to be okay. He gets to kick up his heels out in pasture with his grazing muzzle. He is rolling and playing soundly. He is still “conflicted” about coming up to you in the paddock, but, doesn’t run away as much when you approach him. He does come up to you out in pasture. I always have small bits of carrots or apple with me to get him to want to come to us.

He continues to be a “pigpen”.  He loved the rain in the pasture the other day……  He was the only boy with mud on his back! He is blowing his summer coat and getting his winter coat.  Will keep a watch so he doesn’t get too warm…..