ginger_12_30_2014Ginger is coming along well. She now going fairly solid walk/trot and they are working on the canter. Her canter is still very unbalanced and quick due to lack of strength but it is coming along. She has an especially hard time cantering to the right but she does pick up both leads well. Sometimes steering is optional! Ginger is not spooky or hot but sometimes she can be a little unsure of herself. But Kim says that as long as she herself stays confident, Ginger tries very hard for her. Kim says she is very fun to ride and pretty straight forward. She has not offered to do anything naughty under saddle. She is very sweet and the folks at Hidden Falls Farms are enjoying having her there! 

We are so grateful to Kim Lacy for everything she’s doing to bring this mare along correctly. Ginger still has a lot to learn and a lot of strength to gain, but we are open to looking at applications for her so that potential adopters can work with her while she is still under Kim’s direction. What is unique about Ginger is that although she wasn’t started under saddle until she came to SAFE at the ripe old age of 9, she’s essentially been a “blank slate” who had no bad training or bad habits to unlearn. And while we do not by any means advocate allowing horses to grow up untrained, at least in Ginger’s case, she hasn’t been ill treated and she’s fortunate to be getting the opportunity for a new life that she’s now getting. So if you’re looking for a gorgeous, green broke Arab mare, take a look at Ginger. She’s got a lot going for her, now that she’s safe!