It’s not everyday we get a horse like Freya, who is not only sweet, but also writes letters! When Manuela adopted Freya and picked up her up last month we had no idea Freya would be the one who would keep us up to date on how she was doing. I’m not sure why we were so surprised, Freya quickly was a favorite among many of the volunteers and staff, so we should have seen this coming. Here’s Freya’s letter below:

Heeeerrrrreee’s FREYA!
Freya here checking in. Soooooooooooooooooo, Getting here was not much fun and I was stuck in that sweatbox called a trailer for over an hour and 20 minutes. But maybe detoxing isn’t all bad for my complexion. A gal my age has to do all she can to look youthful, right?
Once we got to that place in the country, the lady who said she would like to be my Mom, put me in a large paddock with GRASS, lots and lots of grass! Imagine my joy. While I was noshing on green morsels of blessed grass, “Mom” rubbed me down with a fluffy towel. Not bad. Imagine my surprise when, suddenly, another horse was near my grass, but on the other side of the fence. A younger gal who called herself Mocha. She says it’s an alias for ‘Sunny’s Starlight’. Huh. I told her my name was Freya because I come from a long line of Norse Goddesses. Mocha said, “huh.”
After a couple of hours, “Mom” (not sure if I really want her yet as my Mom), came outside and brushed both of us thoroughly. That was rather nice and I enjoyed Mocha’s company.
Then it was dinner time. A little Orchard, a little Alfalfa, and still more grass. I am so happy.
Monday Update:
Got brushed, walked, fed, and spent the night next to Mocha. I head-butted “Mom” and she took it like a champ. I only heard a couple of juicy human Army words from her clenched jaw. Hahahaha.
Tuesday Update:
Repeat from Monday. I tried to head-butt, but Mom was quicker. I think I like her after all. That evening, Mocha and I played a game where Mocha blocked me from getting into the shelter where the hay is and I was supposed to stare her down. Mom got really grumpy after a couple of hours and I had to stay in the neighboring paddock all night. There was shelter, hay, and grass, of course, but no Mocha! We were NOT HAPPY and we definitely expressed our displeasure of being separated by a fence ALL NIGHT (well, about every two hours we took turns squealing to make sure Mom woke up and knew we were mad.)
Wednesday Update:
Mom looked a little hungover but I think she learned her lesson and put us back together. Now we are in the third paddock with two shelters. So now we can play musical shelters. We are happy, Mom is happy, she still ducks really fast.
Thursday Update:
Here we are, it’s Thursday. I must say, I am feeling my joints. I fell over this morning because I am so tired. Mom saw it and came running. But I come from a long line of Norse Goddesses and we are tough. I got up and shook it off. Nevertheless, Mom was standing in the paddock, phone in hand, ordering Golf course quality sand for me. She said it would help me lay down with more comfort. She also put me on Bute to help with the soreness until my personalized supplements get here. I say, I AM a Freya, I am a goddess, why do I have to wait for my supplements?? She worked on my feet this morning. Cleaned my hooves, massaged some special oil into them. Huh! Cool farm…cool Mom…I am going to adopt her as long as she keeps it up. Naah, just kidding, I really like her. She massaged my back too.
That’s all for now. I thought my staff at SAFE would enjoy hearing from me. I can send updates once in a while between my beauty treatments and grass intake.
Love you all.

Freya is a lucky lady. Not only does Manuela help her send us updates, but she also gets to be best friends with Manuela’s Paso Fino mare, Mocha. We look forward to hearing more updates from Freya on her new wonderful life.