George is one goofball of a gelding. His curious nature got him his name, and he lives up to it every day. But this tendency to dive head first into the world can get him into a bit of trouble, especially by his horse-peers. George isn’t always the most receptive to what his equine friends are telling him — responding to subtlety is not his strong suit. This means that on occasion, George will take things a little too far and get himself into trouble. In the past, we’ve had to separate George from others to keep all parties from getting hurt. But when we got together the Gelding Herd during the summer, we decided that it was time for George to have some buddies again. All of the boys in paddock 17 were so drama-free, hardly a kick or a squeal ever passing between them. We felt that George could benefit from this relaxed group, but also that they would be able to calmly put him in his place if push came to shove. And so far, that is how it has progressed. George starts his day with grass turnout alongside his gelding buddies, which provides them all a neutral space with plenty to eat and a large enough area to run. Then, they make their way to the dry lot, where George can usually be found scrounging for any scraps of their breakfast (because of his sensitivities to bug bites, George spends his nights sleeping in the barn). Any altercations the geldings have had have typically been settled quickly and without too much drama. Check out the video below of George being introduced to all his new paddock mates!