Jax is the younger of our two thoroughbred geldings, his lip tattoo revealing him as being originally christened ‘Sir Gallagher,’ born in 2008, which makes him 15 this year.

He arrived at SAFE with loose stool, which we helped clear up with a course of biosponge.

Jax is up to date on vet and farrier care. He has had a dental float, his sheath cleaned, and is up to date on his vaccines. He was also dewormed upon arrival, as he arrived with a positive worm load. He is gentle about being groomed and lifting his feet – he has been trimmed once since arriving at SAFE, with a 6 week trim schedule set going forward. He gets daily thrush treatments to help combat the thrush all the Graham horses arrived with.

We will assess Jax more thoroughly in our training program in the coming weeks, but we have high hopes that he might be able to be a riding horse, his age younger than we originally thought, and his body in good condition.

Jax is currently turned out with his Thoroughbred counterpart, Sparrow (their names together a happy ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ accident), and gets arena turnout with neighbor, Hopper.