Kelly is a gentle mare and been fairly easy to work with so far. Her biggest trouble has come around picking up and treating her hooves. She was fairly naughty for the first farrier visit last month and we are hopeful with the care and work we have started she is feeling better about letting us help her. Her second farrier visit at SAFE went quite well, and though she is reluctant to lift her hooves very high or very long, she was quite cooperative all things considered. She is currently still slightly off on her front, and we are waiting to see if consistent regular trims and treatment for thrush can help eliminate the soreness or if more investigation is needed into the cause of pain.  Right now, most of the Graham horse’s hooves are in such bad shape, it’s hard to know if there is more going on than proper hoof care will clear up. More time is needed to determine, and we will make them available for adoption when we can let perspective adopters know if there are any chronic soundness issues.