We are getting to know this tall dark and handsome fellow named Ruach. He has been ridden previously but it has been a number of years since dusting off the saddle for a ride. Dr. Fleck came out to do a dental float and vaccinate him. We have slowly added a mash of senior feed and Haystack, which is a combination of hay pellets, beet pulp and rice bran. He is gaining weight and looking healthier every day.

Ru has pretty flat soles, but we hope that with proper farrier care we can avoid putting shoes on him. But like many Thoroughbreds, there is a chance he will be more comfortable with at least front shoes on. We were able to saddle him up without any trouble and Joel Conner helped us put our first rides on him. Unfortunately he is showing some lameness in his left hind but with a few days of rest and bute he looked better. We had a brief exam by Dr. Fleck who instructed us to continue to work him and have him come back if the lameness increases. It is most likely in his hocks so we will do x‑rays and consider treatment options. He is a gentle riding horse with a lot of years left in him so a little TLC can go a long way to making him comfortable and suitable for pleasure rides.

He is currently on hold as we determine his abilities as a riding horse and continue to get him up to weight. He is a very good boy and we are excited to have him at SAFE and learning more about him.