The new sweetheart of the barn is Miss Valencia! She has been a doll from the moment we picked her up and continues to show a very nice character with lots of love to give. She and Ru have begun the process of separation and while change is hard we are careful to take things slow and allow the two herd mates to accept times when the other is not right by their side. Part of this process has been to bring them into separate stalls overnight and they both are doing very well with this transition. They were placed in stalls directly across from each other so they can see the other and relax. They have been fine with the other horses and Valencia has even made a few passes for Ben’s attention so there is hope she will find other loves. 😉

When Valencia came into SAFE, she was sore on her front left so we had Dr. Fleck come out and evaluate and get some x‑rays. We were very happy to discover that everything looked good and there was no rotation or changes in her navicular bone. Dr. Fleck said she could have a mild case of pedal osteitis which is the inflammation in the pedal bone and that shoes with pads would be very helpful. We also chose to give her an injection of Osphos which will help with any inflammation that maybe in her hooves. Both treatments worked brilliantly and we have been able to start working her without any signs of pain.

While Joel Conner was at SAFE a few weeks ago, he helped us put our first rides on her. She has had a considerable amount of time off and you never know how they will react to riding when old “demands” might come to light. Luckily everything went very smoothly and she was able to walk trot and lope with little trouble. She is a bit “cinchy” but with a bit of time and work on accepting the cinch, that should all but go away. Our biggest hurdle will be to separate her and Ru. As I have mentioned we are doing this gradually. Right now, Casey and I are riding them both in the round pen and helping them feel peace with us and away from each other. We will continue in here until they are both going quietly in there and away from each other and then we will move them into the arena and continue the work in there.
Valencia will need some time still to strengthen into riding condition but we are confident that she will make a pleasant riding companion and a gentle friend.

My best guess is that she will be available to show to adopters at the first of the year and we will be happy to begin the process of finding her a great new family. Please email with any questions regarding Valencia or the adoption process. She is a very good mare who is likely to fit many types of riders, including beginners and young adults.