Today kicks off GiveBIG!! This year, SAFE invites you to help your favorite Western Washington horse rescue raise needed funds to help unforgettable horses. Donate here.

Our theme for GiveBIG 2022 is “Let’s Not Forget.” Horses don’t end up at rescues because they’re bad or broken…they end up here because they’ve been forgotten. Once upon a time, these horses were someone’s partner…someone’s teacher…someone’s best friend. SAFE takes discarded horses and transforms them back into the horses they were always meant to be. We give them back their health and vitality, we teach them new skills, and we find them new homes that are meant to last. And even after they’ve been adopted, we don’t forget about them. We provide a community of support for our adopters, and act as a safety net to ensure that they never get forgotten again.

So let’s not forget that once upon a time, Cameron stood quietly while his owner cried into his mane. Let’s not forget that Mac bravely carried his person down trails and Freya taught kids how to ride. Let’s not forget that Lacey didn’t choose to be neglected and unwanted. Let’s not forget that Veronica never asked for more than food, friends, and comfort. None of these horses should be forgotten, and your support means that none of them will be. Please consider a donation today by clicking here.