There is always so much to be thankful for here at SAFE, but for this season of thanks giving, we went around and asked some of our herd to name one thing they were thankful for this year:

Brandy, during a recent arena turnout session with BFF Bandit, took a moment to answer with “Sunshine!” Bandit was too busy basking in said sun to be reached for comment.

Mashes so good, they make you kick up your heel in joy!” Said Nova, demonstrating the maneuver.
Brandy, who was recently interviewed and therefore standing nearby, hollered a resounding “Seconded!” in response to Nova’s answer. Brandy is known for painting the bars of her stall each night with the mash she can’t fit in her mouth.

Caring vets and good vet care,” mumbled Harissa, coming out of sedation. “I just love our vets so much.”

Mmdfkj trhhooh!” Said Jupiter, while demonstrating the proper way to get one’s teeth floated. We can interpret his mumbles to mean “me too!”

I’m thankful for friends to run around with,” said Dorothy, with Blanche nodding beside her in agreement.

I’m thankful for friends to share meals with,” Scotty said, demonstrating by taking a mouthful of hay, which resulted in a showering of alfalfa leaves onto Artie’s head. “I’m thankful for tall guys who “leaf” all the good stuff down here for me!” Artie joked in return, hoovering up all the hay that Scotty had shaken loose.

I’m thankful for these people who show me patience,” whispered Autumn from where she’d allow us to interview her across the paddock. “I’m also thankful you’re standing over there. Please don’t come any closer right now, thanks.”

Tiva, modeling her new blanket, answered with: “a nice, warm stall to lay down in at night.” When we asked if she was also thankful for the blanket, she bit at the side and said, “I guess, but do you guys think it makes me look fat?”

I’m thankful for regular hoof trims,” said Poppy, whose near constant state of backwards ears belies how good she is for the farrier.

What’s this thing called? A ‘fairy-err?’ Asked Inula, who is pretty new to hoof trimming as a concept. “I’m thankful for that! And that they can take a joke!”

Domino picked his head up from the grass just long enough to tell us that he was thankful for time spent grazing. Under his breath, he whispered, “and having a pretty lady to graze alongside certainly doesn’t hurt.”
“I heard that!” squealed Lacey, even as she sidled closer to be next to Dom, who looked quite proud of himself.

I’m thankful for this guy who looks like me,” said Rojo and Sparky at the same time. “Hey! That’s what I said!” the two of them said again, in synchronicity. “I’m also thankful for ball,” said Rojo. Sparky nodded at this and agreed, “Ball is good.”

Our equines have a lot to be thankful for, and so do we, the humans who care for them!