We received the sad news last week that SAFE alumni Chip passed away from cancer. He was a sweet boy and had a very loving family to look after him at the end of his life. Chip was one of 39 horses seized by Pierce County Animal Control in late 2012, and he lived a significant portion of his life as a breeding stallion. He came to SAFE and became a happy gelding, and finally got to enjoy a life of good care, clean air, and many friends, both horses and humans.

We’re sad that he is gone but so happy for the wonderful life he got to enjoy with his adoptive family on a lovely farm in Gig Harbor. His family never asked more from Chip than he could offer and they loved him even with his limitations. He was a gentle soul with a kind heart. We’ll always remember his soft low nickers to his lady friends. What a wonderful boy. He will be missed, but never forgotten!