Gracie has been making super progress under saddle, learning to relax and listen to the feel of her rider. She seems to have been ridden with a lot of rein aid in the past, so we are working on getting her to tune into the presence of her rider rather than relying on heavy use of the rein. Gracie is very sensitive to being asked to move forward, and she easily leg yields with very little asking from her rider’s leg. She’s also beginning to halt from the rider’s feel, which is great. Gracie had four days off before this video was shot, and it only took a little bit of work on the ground before she was ready to be ridden. She is a pleasure to ride, with soft, light, and smooth gaits. We’re still just working at the walk and trot, since Gracie can get a little excited in her upward transitions, but as soon as she learns to stay with her rider, she’ll be ready to start working in the lope with a more relaxed and trusting state of mind.

Round pen work with Terry:

Under saddle:

Just for fun, Gracie getting her blanket on: