phoenix_01_19_2015_sqWe are excited as to how well Phoenix’s recovery has progressed! We are now riding him daily for about 45 mins of walk and trot work along straight lines, and he has remained sound through it all! Our next steps include introducing turnout in a small pasture; trotting around the entire arena (up to 1–3 laps with walk breaks); cantering along straight lines, and in 3–4 weeks, large circles! After that Phoenix’s rehabilitation will be considered complete. Based on how well he is going, all signs indicate he will make a full recovery.

Phoenix is currently ready for adoption to an adopter who will finish his rehab and continue his training. Phoenix is a playful and sweet boy but he needs an intermediate rider who can help him focus and gain a steady, consistent self carriage. Phoenix tends to be a little lazy and needs encouragement to keep a forward walk. Like many young horses, he needs a rider who can be his leader and help direct him under saddle with positive reinforcement. He gets along great with other horses and we are hoping to re-introduce him to group turnout this summer as we work him up to larger turnout spaces.

Here are more photos of Phoenix working under saddle with Erika and Terry: