It is hard to share sad news with you, knowing how difficult the world is right now. But unfortunately, some things can’t wait for this to pass. We have been struggling to keep Slim comfortable for over 9 months. What started as an abscess became an infection of his coffin bone and has continually caused him different degrees of pain. Vets from Rainland Farm Equine Clinic have been out countless times, We’ve spent hours doctoring and treating his hoof. He has been on a massive amount of antibiotics and painkillers to try and get ahead of this infection but unfortunately it has been a losing battle. It is time to lay down our swords and let our big-hearted friend go free.

Earlier this week, Slim’s comfort level took a turn for the worst. Dr. Lewis came out to SAFE to see him, and discovered that another abscess was brewing right next to the one we had been struggling to keep clean and close up. We were no longer able to keep him comfortable on the pain meds. To put him through another round of treatment — risking infection and keeping him in discomfort —  just didn’t seem right or in the best interest of Slim. So we made the painful decision to let him go.

We have done absolutely right by Slim; he has lived a happy and safe life with us over the past year and every want has been fulfilled. Slim, Moon, and Cassidy were in a miserable situation when we found them. We should all feel joy in knowing that all their lives have been better because of our love. This final act of kindness is an enormous responsibility that we take on when we bring a horse into our lives. This decision is in no way something we take lightly. The staff has discussed, researched and weighed each choice carefully along the way.

Slim was peacefully laid to rest today. This gentle giant will live on in our hearts and our memories. As one of our volunteers said, it’s nice to imagine him crossing over and hitting the ground running with a beautiful new set of hooves. Rest in peace, dear Slim. We’ll miss you, big buddy.