Piper is in a growth spurt right now. She looks a bit awkward with her long legs and high haunches but that is a phase that will be over soon. We have turned her out with several different buddies and she seems to get along nicely with a variety of personalities. This fall and winter, we are still working with her in preparation for riding. Not with rigorous work sessions: we throw the ropes on and around her, put on the saddle and even work on mounting and dismounting from the fence and ground.

Even when she has a lot of time off from being worked, we can pull Piper out of the pasture and all the work is right where we left it. She is great!

We have been dealing with some “teenage” behavior around volunteers, some testing of her boundaries as far as giving space to people in the paddock and being respectful during feeding times. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, these are just some of the “growing pains” that are part of the education of a young mare.

At this time Piper won’t be available for adoption until she is a riding horse, which should be in June 2020. We don’t see any issues with her becoming a great riding partner in the future. She’s a beautiful horse and someone is going to end up with a very flashy and fun friend!