Atticus is back at Safe Harbor these days, and he’s looking like a million bucks! He’s an exceptionally handsome Arab gelding, and now that he’s no longer bony and thin, he’s looking really good. He even has a cute little belly! Now that Atticus is healthy again, he is ready for a forever home of his own. The new and improved Atticus is a spunky, playful horse and we are hoping to find him a home where he can have plenty of turnout. He needs this because if he stands around too long, he will stock up a bit in his hind legs, and that causes him some discomfort. We help ease this by having our volunteers hand walk him as much as possible, but what Atticus needs is a good home where he’ll have lots of room to roam around and keep comfortable. 

Atticus is just one of the companion-only horses currently in SAFE’s care that is ready for a home. Since we are limited in the number of horses we can have in our program at any given time — our maximum is 28 horses plus the two minis — we must place our current horses into adoptive homes before we can help new horses. This is why it is actually fairly urgent that we find good homes for horses like Atticus, because then when we get calls about horses like Ruby, who desperately need our help, we need to have room for them. Atticus deserves a home of his own, he doesn’t need to be at a rescue any more. He’ll make someone a great friend…and by offering Atticus a home, it may also mean that we’re able to save another horse like Ruby. Two for the price of one? You can’t beat that deal!!