If you’re looking for a photogenic horse, a horse who practically poses for you when you take out your camera, then look no further than Jacob. Well, ok, Jacob and Edward — they’re kind of a matched set, and the way they play off one another’s energies is second to none. Book them for your next gig requiring two chestnut geldings who really understand how to make line work in their favor, and who are not afraid to use the other as an accessory (is that the Edward scarf draped over your withers, Jacob? from the SAFE Cruise 2023 collection?) Standing by their paddock on any given day, at really any given time, is just an excuse for them to show off how much they really enjoy one another’s company — and how good they look doing it.

Another extraordinary thing about the two of them is how, despite the fact that you could be easily convinced they are physically, literally attached at the hip, neither one hoots or hollers when the other leaves.

Right now, Jacob has mostly been spending his downtime looking pretty. But he’s also been enjoying this warm weather on his newly slicked out coat and time out on grass with, you guessed it, Edward.