Happy Birthday to our little homegrown angel Pippi, who turns 2 years old today!

Two years ago today, this gorgeous filly was born right here at Safe Harbor Stables. Her momma, Asha, came to us from an animal control seizure, and no one had the slightest idea she was pregnant until she recovered from starvation and kept on gaining weight! Asha kept us on our toes for about four weeks thinking she was going into labor, and Pippi was born healthy and happy on the evening of Sept 1, 2018. 

Pippi has another year of growing up before we start her under saddle, but her groundwork training in preparation for riding will be ramping up very soon. Pippi is a bold, confident youngster who is friendly, fun, and quite striking. We are so grateful to all the SAFE supporters who have made it possible for us to keep this filly in our care while she is growing up, so that we can ensure her to best possible future. Happy birthday dear Pippi!! We sure love you!!

Thank you to Kristina Oden for the birthday pics, and Jessica Farren for the baby photos.