Though a lady never reveals her age, we would be remiss if we did not celebrate Shasta on this, her 24th birthday. It has been thirteen years since Shasta and her son Sunny D arrived at SAFE, which means that over half her life has seen her being properly loved and looked after. But this was not always the case. Back in 2011, Sunny, Shasta, and another mini horse were in dire straights, being starved and neglected by the person who was suppose to be caring for them. The situation was finally noticed after the third mini passed away, and King County Animal Control seized the two surviving horses. They were terribly thin, but you couldn’t tell this by just looking because they had both grown such long coats in a desperate attempt to keep warm and preserve calories. But under their coats, they were skeletal. Sunny and Shasta’s poor friend literally died to save them. 

This mother and son pair were nursed back to health by SAFE, and became our official ambassadors. For a lot of people who are nervous around horses, Sunny and Shasta have been the first they’ve petted or groomed or led around. They are calm and patient teachers, up to a point. They also stand as a reminder that mini horses require the same level of care as any other horse. Quality hay, clean water, safe shelters and fencing, hoof care, dental care, vet care, and education! They may take up a little less room, but they require the same amount of time.

Shasta spent her special day being doted on by her Best Buddy, and received many a pet from volunteers on her birthday walk around the property. Sunny, never far from his mother’s shadow, reaped some of the benefits of her birthday as well, scoring a few yummy treats of his own.

Happy Birthday, sweet Shasta — to many more!