Hay prices in Washington have DOUBLED since March 2022. But for this year’s Fall Into Winter Hay Drive, we have a generous group of donors who have pledged to match EVERY DONATION YOU MAKE (up to $35,000) Can you help us reach our goal by the end of November?? Every penny of your tax deductible donation goes straight to the horses’ mouths!!!

SAFE’s Fall Into Winter Hay Drive is the one and only time of year that we ask for donations to purchase hay to feed our horses. This year, we are facing an unprecedented challenge, because the price of hay in Washington state has skyrocketed over the course of 2022. Inflation, gas prices, bad weather…all these factors have pushed prices to astronomical levels in the last seven months. And there is nothing to indicate that prices won’t continue to go up.

So, tough times are ahead. But we have some incredible news: a group of SAFE supporters have joined together and made a pledge to match every donation to Fall Into Winter, up to $35,000. You heard that correctly: every donation made to the SAFE hay drive during the month of November will be DOUBLED. Your tax-deductible gift to Fall Into Winter today will help unlock critical matching funds to get us to our goal.

Facebook takes care of the donation processing with no fees, meaning that EVERY PENNY of your donation goes straight to the horses’ mouths. And with 100% matching funds available, your gift goes twice as far! Click here to donate through Facebook.

You can also make a donation through our website here and make a note it’s for the hay drive. Or if you prefer to send a check our mailing address is:

PO Box 2769
Redmond, WA 98073

Thank you for your support!