Our wonderful volunteer rider Casey has been dedicated to Stella’s rehab work and a tremendous help to getting this mare onto the road to a full recovery! Here is what Casey has to say about the progress she is making with Stella:

After four months of strict stall rest and three months of walk and trot in hand, Stella is officially back to work under saddle! I was a little concerned that there would be some regression after seven months off, but she was great for her first saddling and ride. This week we will be up to 20 minutes of trot under saddle. Stella has handled this set back impressively, especially when considering where she started when she arrived at SAFE Harbor. Throughout this process she has been safe in her stall for the volunteers to clean daily and for her handlers on the ground at the walk and trot. This is a testament to the solid foundation and start she got with Joel Conner and the horsemanship that the training team has been implementing with his help.