We are currently working to strengthen Bridgit’s hindquarters. We had Dr. McCracken come out and evaluate her and help us understand why she has such a sway in her trot from her hind legs. It is a little of “the needle in the haystack” for an answer so at the moment to help we are going to do a few things to make her stronger and rule out weakness as part of the problem.

To start we are walking her over poles and up and down low incline hills. Then as we progress we will add trot and trotting polls. As we can, we’ll begin to add slightly steeper hills and possible take her on walks up the hills here on the Hollywood Hills trails. This is a gradual increase of work and we will be working up to the full load over the next two months.

So far Bridgit has been doing well for her rehab work out and learning to pick up her hooves over the poles. She remains a very sweet mare and enjoys her time with the volunteers. Her future as a riding horse remains uncertain but we hope to have some answers from the work we are doing with her now.