LolaIt’s time for Lola to start her rehab and get ready to be shown to potential adopters again soon! Her lameness first showed up in December. After new shoes, X‑rays and even injecting her right coffin bone we came to the conclusion that Lola most likely had a soft tissue injury somewhere in her foot. Simply put, only an MRI could help us know exactly what had been causing her pain. After a good amount of time off, I have started to lightly ride her in the arena at the walk for 20–30 mins and about 5–10 mins of trot. We will continue to increase the trot time and as she gets farther along add in the canter and then large circles.

She is coming off the medical hold and available for adoption but will only be adopted out knowing that she is not fully through her rehab at this time. We estimate it will take the next 30–60day to be at full work and giving her the all clear. She has been a little spunky for the rehab work but is keeping her cool and settling back into riding. I did miss working with this little mare and all her personality!