Reports on Remy’s recovery from his sore back have been good but unfortunately not great. He’s greatly improved with time off and with a trial of Bute and then Equioxx but he’s still not at 100%. Nick said that he would start the week off ok but the day after every ride, Remy would seem less and less willing to work. He continued to be well behaved and a gentle fellow to work around.

With the riding trouble not completely resolved, we have decided to bring him back to Redmond and have our vets look at him. We will at least have them do flexion tests and possibly x‑ray his hocks since hocks and back pain can sometimes go together. We will make plans after we consult with our vets but if the findings are inconclusive, we will give him the rest of the winter off and bring him back either late spring or early summer.

Remy is a very handsome and well-behaved boy. Here’s hoping we can figure this out and make him available as a riding horse. For now, he is available only as a companion until he gets medical clearance for riding. He is sound on the ground and shows no discomfort in turnout or during ground work. Remy will be back at SAFE mid-February.