Here is a medical update from Melinda our Herd Health Manager about Stormy:

A few months ago, we still believed that Stormy’s right eye maintained some ability to sense light and shadows. We continued to administer medication to manage the uveitis and save that eye in hopes that it was still helpful to her. Unfortunately, her condition worsened. Her eye was no longer responding to medical management, and it was becoming swollen and painful.

Dr. Fleck came out and did a procedure known as a chemical ciliary body ablation, as an alternative to surgery. This procedure involves injecting a drug directly into the eye to induce shrinkage and results in a long-term reduction of intraocular pressure, thereby alleviating her pain. It sometimes takes a few injections to complete, and so far Stormy has had 2 and she’s doing well. If these injections succeed at keeping the pressure down, she will not need to have the eye surgically removed. It’s looking good so far.

In the meantime, Stormy goes about her daily business as a happy camper. Her herd-mate, King, was sent out for training so we needed to introduce her to a new companion. She took a liking to Mason, and he now keeps her company and watches over her in the paddock. Stormy has also gained a few more volunteers to be her “people,” and she very much enjoys getting pampered and loved on.