Stormy has been very patent and relaxed during her recovery from her eye surgery. She had a bandage change Monday 11/14 and Dr. McCracken was pleased with the progress. We were able to remove the bandage on Friday 11/18 and she was allowed to have time out in a small run. And on Monday she once again was able to have turnout time with King in our front field.

Today however we noticed a little drainage near the sutures so we called Rainland for advice. Dr. Fleck advised us to leave the sutures in until next week, in order to let it heal from inside out. He gave us an eye cover for Stormy to help protect the area while still allowing air in to promote healing. We are to clean the area once a day. As a precautionary measure, we’re starting her on antibiotics for a week. Despite this little set back, things still look great for a full recovery, and Stormy remain happy and content.