Recently, SAFE received a phone call from a senior in our community. Up until mid January, they had been in very good health. Sadly, they were in an automobile accident and ever since had been experiencing a diminished capacity on their left side. While waiting for more testing and doctor visits, they were unable to care for their two senior minis with the same level of care they had for many years. Being a proactive and responsible owner, they reached out to SAFE for assistance and to prepare in case they were unable to return to full health.

SAFE discussed at length their wishes and assured them the minis would be taken care of if they were unable to regain their mobility, or if they decided to sell their home to move closer to family out of state. Since this case was directly in line with our mission, we agreed to accept the minis as soon the owner was ready. Knowing that the stress of their future and currently not being able to care for their day to day cleaning needs, we arranged for a short-term solution and a temporary foster home. This would allow them to focus on getting healthy and not worry about the minis.

We set out to pick up the littles for foster and while visiting the owner made the very hard decision this should be a permanent move and they would release ownership to SAFE. Luckily plan B was quickly set into motion. The minis, now named Chip and Dale, loaded in the trailer and headed to their foster home. We are so grateful to have amazing people like Laura, their new foster mom, who was willing to open her home to these cuties! This is perfect example of the wonderful community outreach SAFE is doing, often behind the scenes, on a daily basis. Counseling, advocating, supporting, and assisting responsible owners looking to do better for their horses.

Huge efforts were made by our volunteers to make this transition possible. An enormous amount of credit needs to go out to their owner for thinking ahead and for making a tremendous sacrifice to ensure they are well taken care of for the rest of their lives. Welcome to SAFE, darling boys! More updates and information to follow about these CUTIES!!