At our recent Joel Conner clinic, volunteer Sue C worked with Henry in the groundwork session. Here’s what she had to say about their time together:

I had the fine fortune of having Henry as my groundwork partner for the June 2023 Joel Conner Clinic. He is a lovely 11 year old Arab gelding, who came to SAFE in November 2022. He is a bit anxious and fearful of the unknown lurking around each corner, but also quick to settle down and decide that he is ok. He is sensitive and soft and really wants to connect with his handler, so while he can be easily distracted by a mare strolling by, he is just as easily brought back to focus.

Henry has been given a great start by Bonnie. He improved and excelled at everything he was asked to do. He is a bit fearful of the flag, but like everything else he accepts it and settles down to work. He started out with his head in the air through each transition, but over the course of 3 days he really seemed to relax. His walk and trot are quite lovely when he relaxes. Henry taught me that every move I make matters, and by Sunday I was able to move him from unified circle, to hind quarters to front quarters on a long rope, with just my feet. That was a great feeling. We also worked on moving his front quarters 360 degrees, backing when needed. This was better on one side than the other, but more my affliction than Henry’s I think. He gives all his attention and tries so hard.

Henry will be a great partner for a lucky adopter!”