All of the Graham horses are up to date on medical care, and have already had their feet done twice. Henry is no exception to this.

The nervous, wild-eyed horse who arrived at SAFE after what was likely his first trailer ride is a far cry from the sweet horse who we are getting to know. This is not to say he is not still looky, but he has graduated from needing to live in a breakaway halter, as he is now easily caught — even in spaces like the big arena, where he goes for turnout.

Despite his anxious nature, he was a very good boy for his initial hoof trim, and was equally as well behaved for his second trim. His feet, like all the rest, are in need of some serious rehabbing. His hooves are the best out of all of the Graham horses, but that’s not to say they are good, all four hooves have significant thrush. But he is a real saint for his treatments.

At his dental, Henry had some of the most overgrown teeth of the bunch. He had substantial hooks (we like to joke about ‘fangs,’ but the reality is that such sharp teeth can and did lead to ulcerations in the mouth). All horses wear their teeth differently and at different rates, so it is difficult to determine when a horse has previously had a dental, but with a case like Henry’s, with such severe overgrowth, it is clear that his float was as overdue as his teeth were long.

Henry has really come out of his shell, and now that he is in good health we look forward to spending more time with him.