My herd is made up of three mighty horses. When we run together, the leaves fall from the trees. My two friends were both racehorses and they both think they’re the fastest. But I know that neither one of them won any horse races. Me, I have my dignity to consider, but even if I wanted to run in a horse race, I’m the wrong kind of horse. Apparently. But take a look at this:

Separated at Birth?

Separated at Birth?

I’ve lived with Jay for many summers and winters. He has always been the boss of the herd, which is fine with me because it means that it’s his job to keep us all safe from lions and scary humans. We got a new friend named Chance who is tall and young, or in other words, a big baby. Maybe this big baby thinks he should be the boss of the herd because he is always bothering Jay. But here is the funny part: the big baby is scared of me! I always tell him to move and he always moves. So we have a funny herd dynamic: Chance tells Jay to move, Jay tells me to move but I tell Chance to move! I may be short but the big baby has to listen to me or I will pop him one.

Me and Jay have an agreement: you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. This is good when I feel itchy. But sometimes Jay hurts my feelings because he will scratch my back when we’re alone, but if anyone sees us, he pretends he was not scratching my back at all. I like Jay but he is a big faker sometimes. Like when he starts to fall down and then he pretends he meant to do that. No dignity. Anyway, here is what happened one time:

As usual, my foster mom laughed and laughed. If she didn’t bring the food all the time, I might be really mad at her. 

Nap time! Bye for now,