We’re selling tickets for our Highbrow Hack at Bridle Trails State Park on October 7th, and lots of you are hard at work on your equestrian finery…or waiting for the mailman to deliver it…either way, you’ll be looking fabulous!

Couple of quick updates…

Bridle Trails is a state park, so in order to park there , you’ll need to have a Discover Pass if you don’t already have one. You can purchase a day pass for $10 or support the park system by purchasing an annual pass (good for 365 days) for $30. Either way, we recommend you purchase your pass beforehand either online at http://www.discoverpass.wa.gov/ or at a local retailer. You will be able to buy a day pass at the park if you can’t arrange to get one before you arrive.

Liz Stabbert Photography will be on hand to take portraits of our riders in their finery…on or off their horses. If you don’t have a horse but you enjoy dressing up, you are more than welcome to attend, and get your picture taken.

The ride starts at noon and we’ll be serving high tea at 3pm.  During tea, if your horse can tie safely, you will be able to tie your horse to a hitching post or to your trailer. No tying horses to fences!!!!

Tickets are $25 each and that includes high tea and a donation to SAFE. We are limited to just 50 horse & rider pairs, so don’t wait to get your tickets! Tickets are on sale here!