Earl is a 10 year old Arabian stallion, surrendered to SAFE by his owner who has stage 4 cancer. He and his late wife owned the horse from the age of 2, and kept him as a pet, with little handling and no discipline. Earl has always has gotten his way and is very pushy and dangerous to be around. He is very defensive and is dealing with the sudden changes in his life by biting, pawing, and kicking. He will even charge at a flag. Earl knows close to nothing about being safe around humans. He literally doesn’t even know how to walk on a lead. All that is soon to change, however. The first step is to change him from a stallion into a happy gelding, and that will take place in just under a week. That will be following by horsemanship, horsemanship, and more horsemanship. Before long, Earl will be a much happier horse who knows his boundaries and understands what it is that humans want from him. He’s a stunningly good-looking horse, with an awesome looking trot with a lot of elevation. He’s got a sturdy frame, and appears pretty sound and healthy.