Honeycutt and his friends all got their teeth floated today. I was extremely pleased that when my vet arrived, Honeycutt was very interested in him and showed no fear toward him at all! He was actually quite outgoing today…reaching through his feed door to take hold of my collar and snuffle my hair, watching with great interest as Jay and Oliver got their floats done before him. Once it was his turn, he was an absolute champ about everything, and I have to say that both my vet and his tech were really impressed with him! They both thought he was extremely cute and sweet, and my vet called him a superstar for his incredible behavior during his float. I swear, everyone who meets this horse just falls in love with him.

His teeth were in good shape, just in need of a maintenance float. He also got shots and a sheath cleaning.

We talked a little bit about what we’d like to see in an adoptive home for Honeycutt and my vet remarked that he has clients who are often looking for companion horses especially when their older horses pass away leaving a single horse alone. I told him that I’d put together some information on SAFE and mail it in to his office. It got me thinking that if any of you have the occasion to talk to your vets about SAFE, it would be nice to have a packet of information that can be passed on to them if they are interested. So I’ll get to work on that if the rest of you want to get to work on spreading the word! ;D